Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Today was the first day that I felt almost completely comfortable and at ease while teaching! Okay, well, it was the first day that I didn't feel sick to my stomach at the beginning of class (usually the feeling goes away after taking attendance and going over homework, but today there was no sick feeling at all!).

I'm teaching two classes, an intermediate speaking and vocab class, and an elementary listening class (both at the college level since I'm teaching at a university). I LOVE my speaking and vocab class! When I find a subject that they like, man, they neveeer stop talking! Which is great, because HEY, it's speaking class! Today we finished up weather terms and talked about extreme weather (typhoons/hurricanes, blizzards, and heat waves). It's always so interesting to hear them talk about their home countries. One of the questions was, "Which of these weather events is the most dangerous? Why?" I, as a resident of Ohio, think nothing of blizzards, but I thought a heat wave would be absolutely devastating. On the other hand, one of my students from Saudi Arabia said that he experiences "heat waves" every day, and that he's terrified of blizzards! I love learning about different cultures through my students! I have so many ideas for this class! On Friday I'm going to play a bunch of review games with them to go over the vocab from chapters 1-4, and then next Friday, after the chapter on careers/jobs, we're going to visit my friend at the radio station (she's in charge of the whole shebang and said she'd give us a tour!). I can't wait! Ooh, and we're having our first oral presentations on Friday, so I've got to write up a rubric for that!

My listening class is more difficult, because they're the lowest proficiency level that we'll take (Elementary II). I only have them for 2 hours every week, so I haven't gotten to know them as well as my speaking/vocab students. I have some students in my listening class who NEVER participate (unless I call on them...gosh I love doing that!) and just stare at me with glossy eyes. But the other half is always willing to say answers and actively participate. I even had one student who shot his hand into the air to answer EVERY question today! Of course, I only called on him a few times because I want everyone to participate!

I hope that I'm a good teacher and that my students are learning a lot. I'm not going to tell them that this is my first time least not until the end of the semester! Also, the international students are going on an excursion on Sunday to a local outlet mall, and all the ESL faculty was invited to go along. I'm excited for this because it's a chance to talk to my students outside of class, and it's a good opportunity for them to get to know me as a person and not just their big, bad teacher (although I'm hardly big or bad!). I'm excited for this too :]

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