Saturday, March 19, 2011

Black Squirrel...With a Camera?!

So, I haven't updated in aaaaages...but I've been up to my eyeballs in grading/teaching/life in general. I've moved into a new apartment with the bf (previously I was living with a crazy girl from a different continent), so that's taken a lot of getting used to. But I think the bf and I are getting along pretty well :]

In the meantime, I've picked up ANOTHER hobby. Because I totally need more things to take up my already dwindling free time. Plus, I just love buying accessories for new hobbies :]

Anyway, I've started a bit of amateur (and I MEAN amateur) photography. I borrowed a friend's camera (Canon Rebel DS 1000...or something like that). I like it, but the camera is way more complicated than my normal point and shoot camera (although from the reviews I've read, this camera is on the less complicated end of the spectrum).

I got so excited to try out the camera last night that I started photographing everything in sight. Also, this evening I went to the park/woods a little before sunset to try photographing some nature! I had a blast, and got a good workout walking up and down all the hills! Plus I hiked off the beaten path more than once to take pictures of badass flora and fauna.

Sooo I just wanted to share a few of my pictures from today. They're very amateurish, but I'm still pretty proud of them. I know that I still have a lot to learn about how the camera functions, composition, lighting, and editing (especially editing...since I hate it)...but I think this is a pretty decent first effort.

I would love some feedback/comments/critiques on these photos, so feel free to post a comment!

And without further ado...a million pictures!

I was just so excited to capture/photograph a black squirrel that I didn't care what the rest of the picture looked like!

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  1. Love the 2 pix with birch leaves. Backlighting is my favorite way to photograph something.