Sunday, March 27, 2011

I love reading class!

This semester I'm teaching two reading class (I teach English as a Second Language), and it's my first time teaching reading. So far I love it! I teach advanced students, so I made all my students pick out two novels to read for the semester. Each novel needed to be around 200 pages, so they end up reading around 30 pages a week. Then they have to summarize it and write their opinion about the book in a weekly paper.

I had to approve all of their book choices, and some of the choices made me so happy and nostalgic. Of course, some of my students had no idea what to read, so I gave them suggestions on books I liked as a teenager (since those books are pretty easy for my students to read), and it makes me really happy when they pick one of my favorite books :D.

As I'm reading through their first summaries for their second books, I find myself getting really excited for my students! If they picked a book I love, I know what's coming next, and I know what surprises are in the plot. I feel like I'm reading the book along with my student, and I love talking about the books with my students. It's really interesting because often they have different favorite characters than I do because they treasure different values in people because of cultural differences.

Any way, here are some of the books my students are reading. I think their choices are interesting, and I can't wait to read more of their summaries, even if I hate grading!

I'd also like to know everyone's favorite short novel! If it's around 200-250 pages then I'll add it to my list of suggestions that I give my students to help them pick out books!

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