Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Super Bubbly Pink Fun!

You know when you have this super AWESOME idea in your head that you just won't stop thinking about until you actually do it?!

Well that happened to me this weekend. I got an idea for a necklace that I wanted to create, and I have been working literally since Friday on it! I wanted something super bright, funky, and bound to get compliments/attention.

I started with green clay, since green is my FAVE color. I swirled and blended until I had about 50 green clay beads that I LOVED. I baked them and they were PERFECT. Buuut...I decided to brush each one with a thin layer of nail polish to make them shiny and protect them from chipping. All was well until Sunday, when the weather went from freezing Ohio winter to a really balmy, 75 degree day. Well, the nail polish turned tacky and I knew that no one (not even me, no matter how much I loved my green beads) would want to wear tacky, sticky nail polish beads.

So I started over at 11pm last night with pink clay. I worked all night and most of the morning to create this beautiful shades of pink necklace, and I'm proud as a peach of it! So without further ado, tons and tons of pics from the proud necklace creator!

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