Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In Honor of National Grilled Cheese Month...

So, April is grilled cheese month! Who knew, right?! I had no idea until someone told me yesterday, and that was AFTER I had created a super awesome grilled cheese sandwich necklace!

Sooo the story is: I wore one of my necklaces to work one day (an apple one, I think) and everyone really loved it. After a few more times of wearing my own handmade jewelry, my coworkers asked if I would bring some in for them to look at, and I was thrilled! So I brought in some samples (peas and carrots necklace, all of my apple necklaces, banana necklace, and a few other things) and everyone fawned over them. It's always nice to hear someone say how much they like your work :] Someone ended up requesting a custom apple and banana bff necklace, which I was more than happy to make.

But my fave request came from one of my coworkers/friends. He wanted me to make a grilled cheese necklace for his girlfriend who LOVES grilled cheese. Of course I'm happy to accept any custom work, especially for a friend, and was intrigued by the challenge to make a realistic looking grilled cheese sandwich. Plus, I just love playing with all clay!

So here's the final necklace that I came up with (click on the pictures to see a bigger version):

I'm really happy with the way the grilled cheese came out! I've seen other necklaces that look more realistic, but I didn't use a mold for this one. And my friend's girlfriend was pleased as punch, which is what made me the happiest :]

Feel free to comment and lemme know what you think about the necklace!

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