Friday, March 13, 2009

People, who need people

are definitely NOT the luckiest people. I know, I know, I should love my fellow man, but sometimes they just make is SO difficult. My New Year's Resolution was to be nicer and judge less, and I've honestly been trying, but it's just so hard.

I'm taking some particularly difficult classes this semester, and the one I'm having the most difficulty with is Chemistry. Needless to say, I spend a ton of time in the study lounge. The other night, I was up to my eyeballs in chemistry calculations, getting ready to pull my hair out, when two girls walked into the study lounge. They were chatting to each other, which was the first distraction. I ignored them and went back to my limiting reagents problems. Then the one girl starts eating an apple, and the other starts with crackers. If you guys didn't know, those are probably the most loud, obnoxious foods you could eat while someone else is studying. Awesome.

Both girls proceed to set up laptops (while still managing to make a ton of noise). At this point I'm getting extremely anxious because I can't concentrate on my homework. Then, this is what REALLY gets me: both girls get on their PHONES. Okay, I can understand snacking in the study lounge, you need nutrients to concentrate! And I get setting up laptops, you might need them to do special online homework, but seriously phones?! Maybe I just don't understand how a person could be so rude, especially when others expect it to be quiet in the STUDY lounge.

So the one girl is on the phone to IT, because she can't get onto the wireless network. All while talking to the IT guy, she's making snarky comments to her friend, who is also on her phone (with her boyfriend, I assume). This girl then proceeds to have a very loud, very violent argument with her boyfriend, claim that she hates him so much, and just wants to hit him next time she sees him. Neato.

My absolute favorite part though, is that when each girl was done with their phone calls (by this time I was just glaring at them unashamedly), they just packed up their laptops and LEFT. So, no actual studying, no reading, just yelling on their phones, munching loudly, and annoying the piss out of me. Absolutely charming.

I'm sorry, I'm trying so hard to be a nicer person, but people like this just make me want to be a hermit forever. :\

On a much happier note, I landed a treasury! You can see the picture at the top (sorry it's so blurry, I'm so bad with cropping pictures, transferring them to photobucket, resizing them, etc). It's called "Who Can Take The Sunrise - and sprinkle it with dew?" The treasury is full of items that are inspired by Willy Wonka! Here's another picture for you (including my alternatives):
Again, sorry the picture is so small and blurry, but if you are interested in any of the items, just drop me a comment and I can tell you who the seller is! I was so excited to land a treasury, and had a ton of fun picking out all the items! Now I'm addicted, and can't wait to make another treasury (I've already picked out a theme, and yet again, it's based on a movie!)

So, I hope you guys all have a fantastic weekend (better than mine at least, more studying for Chemistry :\ )! Remember to check out my previous post and to download my Mixtape Monday playlist, because there will be a new one this Monday! See ya! <3

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  1. There are good people in the world too, who want to be considerate and thoughtful of others so don't let it get your resolution out of whack. I too understand your upheaval of anger over the inconsiderateness of thoughtless underdeveloped people skills in the world... trust me, I do. I'm Irish so I don't hesitate to tell someone what I am thinking but it doesn't mean that I can't do it with a sense of non-judgementalness. There is a happy medium- I promise!

    On a happier note, congrats on your treasury!