Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Books!

Ahh, spring time always makes me want to sit outside underneath an apple tree and read til my eyes fall out. Unfortunately, I don't have an apple tree :( But I do have a tree house! So today I went to my nearest book store and bought three books: one on Norse Mythology, an epic Norse saga/tale, and a book on dying languages.

So I plan to spend my entire spring break (coming up soon, thank god) geeking out with my new books and knitting. And don't you guys just adore the smell of new books? It's one of my favorites :]

On another equally geeky note, I finished my first swap on Craftster! It was really fun and enjoyable, so of course I signed up for another one right away. This one is all about science and the people who love the different sciences! Being an archaeology major, I dig (ugh, sorry for that pun) archaeology, geology, geography, chemistry, and all that other fun stuff! I'm so excited for this swap; I'm practically swimming in ideas already!

I listed another pair of glovelies in my shop. They're quickly becoming my favorite thing to knit. They're an easy way to show off some really lovely yarn, and they knit up quickly and are oh so practical, so check em out!

Also, everyone please enjoy the Viking Kitty at the top. HE DEMANDS YOU TO! Haha, I thought he was cute :]

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