Monday, April 13, 2009

Mixtape Monday Pt. 3!

First of all I'd like to say that I am TERRIBLE about keeping up with this blog! It's hard to find the time to update in between classes and homework and exams and creating, yanno! Sorry for the loooong time between posts!

So without further ado, it is Mixtape Monday! WOOOO! In case your download is out of order, here is the proper order the playlist should be in:

Mixtape Monday Pt. 3
1. My Guitar - Radish
2. Popular Mechanics for Lovers - Beulah
3. She'll Hang the Baskets - Cake
4. Move Your Feet - Junior Senior
5. LDN - Lily Allen
6. Days Like These - The Cat Empire
7. Holiday - Weezer
8. Jailer - Asa
9. Domino - Van Morrison
10. One Love - Bob Marley

You can upload the playlist here.

I was hoping this mixtape would capture the mood of my vacation last weekend. The bf and I went to Washington DC for the annual cherry blossom festival, and they were BEAUTIFUL! It was an amazing trip. We went to the Natural History Museum and the American History Museum. We had dinner at Wok and Roll in Chinatown (which I later found out is the building where the Lincoln assassination was planned) and we sat at the sushi bar and got some free delicious salads there :] Here is a picture of the lovely bf and I in front of some of the cherry trees:

We also went to the Japanese street festival on Saturday. It was so fun and cool. I've never seen so many people in one place. It was pretty difficult to get to one of the merchandise booths because it was sooo overcrowded with people, but we didn't really mind. I also got this orange soda drink think called Ramune, and it was the most difficult thing to open! It had a marble in it's opening that you had to push down to open. Sheesh, I couldn't open it! Thank goodness the boy could! Over all it was an amazing weekend, and it was the first trip I'd ever taken with a boyfriend! We had a great time and want to go back next year (granted we have the money to do so!)

On another note, you may want to know about the scantily clad girl at the top of my blog post! She's a character from my boyfriend's favorite videogame, Final Fantasy 10, and her name is Rikku (although I think that picture is actually from the game's sequel, FF10-2) and the first time I saw this character I was immediately drawn to her beautiful scarf. I've never dyed anything so I thought this might be a good project! It's going to be a little difficult to get the shaded coloring, but I don't mind a challenge! So if anyone has any tips or tricks for dyeing, they'd be much appreciated. I only have about 10 inches of the scarf knitted so far, so it might be awhile before I actually get to dye it (I'm using 100% cotton yarn, if that makes a difference in dyeing).

Since the last time I posted, I made 2 sales on Etsy, and I was so SO happy! What a great feeling, amirite?! I sold a scarf and a pair of armwarmers. I'm so proud of myself, and I hope their new owners love the items just as much as I loved making them!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter and have a safe rest of the week!

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