Monday, April 20, 2009

Yarn-it, Day 1

Today is the first day of my yarn diet (or my yarn-it as I call it). As suspected, I have a huge itch to go out and buy hordes and hordes of yarn. Sigh :(

I went through my stash this morning and packed it into three categories: yarns I have ideas for, yarns that I bought because they were pretty but have noooo idea what to do with them, and wtf why did I ever buy these yarns.

My biggest problem is that I buy some really nice, expensive yarns, and then I am TERRIFIED to use them! I'm afraid that something will go horribly wrong with my wip, or I'll end up not loving the fo, and then I've wasted $18.

But I can't help it.

I go into a yarn store and I'm just in heaven. All the bright colors exploding at me from every angle, not even knowing where to look first. I run my fingers along all the aisles, individually feeling every single yarn that catches my eye. Then I make sure no one is watching me, and I rub it on my face to make sure the yarn feels nice. And every time I pick up a yarn, it's a struggle to put it down. I know that I can't put EVERY single skein I pick up into my basket, but oh so want to. I go through about 50 questions to myself before I decide whether to buy the yarn or not. Do I need this yarn? What will I do with it? Does it go with any other yarn I already have? Don't I own another colorway that looks exactly like this? Where will I put it? Should I start using my roommate's bed to store yarn on? But overall there's one question that trumps every other question I have: do I WANT this yarn? And the answer is always YES. I want the yarn. Sigh. About 1/4 of the time, the yarn ends up in my basket, then I bring it home, and it ends up in my stash, unused, but certainly not unloved.

So today is the first day of me trying to use all those lovely yarns that at the time, I decided I had to have or I would explode. They've all sunk to the bottom of my baskets, waiting and wishing to become something beautiful. Now's their time!


  1. A yarn diet! I love that idea! I could use going on one of those too :)

    I have a great stash busting idea! If you don't already have one, pick up one of those stitch dictionaries. Mix up your yarn into a big pile, close your eyes and reach out and pick a skein. You can't put it back when you open you eyes. You are committed :) Close your eyes again and randomly open the stitch book to a page. WHATEVER that stitch is .. just start making a scarf with it. You will be pleasantly surprised at what cool scarfs come out of this and how very giftable they are!

    P.S. That's quite a stash in that pic below!

  2. Ooh, that's a really good idea, and I'll have to try it out! Sounds like a great way to try a new stitch!