Thursday, April 30, 2009

Busy busy bee!

Oh my goodness. Isn't that just one of the most beautiful yarns you've ever seen? I think it's gorgeous, and it's seriously making me regret my yarn diet. I just want to touch this yarn so much. I LOVE the colors. I'm a big fan of bright colors, and this just makes my head spin with happiness (hah, spin!). You should all check out this shop: SpunRightRound. I noticed earlier today that they had hearted my shop on Etsy, so I checked them out (as I do with all the shops that heart me) and I fell in loooove. Not only is their name awesome (you spin me right round baby, right round, like a record baby, right round round round!) but the colors in their shop are AMAZING and all of the batts, rovings, and yarns are drool worthy. Please check them out if you have a spare minute or two!

Sigh. My yarn-it, however, is not going so hot. I finished my Celery Hat. Another failure! I wanted a loose beret kind of thing, but ended up with this huuuuge hat/bag/floppy mess thing. It's pretty funny. I'll be posting pictures of it ASAP. I've been hung up so much on school lately, so I haven't had much time to knit or come up with new project ideas for my stash. It's the end of semester (even though I'll be going right into summer semester) and I've been frustrated with some of my classes this semester. I have a huge project due on Monday and have had to change my direction with it several times. Ugh. I'm just so ready for all these classes to be over. I'll be so happy to have some leisurely classes during summer (although I'm not really sure Calculus can count as leisurely). The only thing I'm not looking forward to during the summer is being jobless. I REALLY need a job, but no one around is hiring. I'm just looking for part-time work. Anyone in the Cleveland area want to hire a great employee/personal assistant/hard working student for the summer!?

I have finally received all the batts I ordered a few weeks ago, and they're gorgeous. I can't stop looking at and feeling them. Ooh, and one of the sellers threw in a little extra bling. Yay! :] I gotta say, one of my favorite things about buying from Etsy is when sellers add a little personal touch to your purchase. Whether it's throwing in a little freebie or simply writing a thank-you note (which is what I've done so far), it's just lovely and totally makes my day, and also makes me more inclined to buy from them again! But seriously, it's my goal this weekend to spin a little bit of yarn. I have several batts, and then I ordered about 8 ounces of plain, undyed merino wool because I'm going to spin it and then try dyeing it! I've never dyed anything before so this should be *interesting*! Haha, I'm sure it will turn out great, I have high hopes!

Let me just so, I am SO grateful it's Thursday! My favorite day of the week! I have Bones, the Office, and 30 Rock. Plus the bf doesn't work tonight and I get to hang out with him, AND tomorrow is Friday. We're going to see the new Wolverine movie for my friend's birthday, and then out to the bars for a quick drink for my other friend's birthday! And then my roommate is going home on Sunday so I get the room to myself for a whole day :] It's gearing up to be a great weekend!

I've been craving a doughnut for about 2 weeks now, and I'm FINALLY going out to get one now! So have a fun and safe Thursday night everyone!


  1. Yarn diets are tough and now I'm battling the roving, glitz and raw fiber... yikes! Thanks so much for mentioning our shop, your blog is super, I'll be back to read often!

  2. I love that yarn! The colors are so fresh and pretty!