Sunday, April 19, 2009

Time to bust some stash!

First of all let me say, this is not actually my stash. I found it when I was googling early. But I really hope that one day I have a HUGE room in my house dedicated just to yarn!

But seriously, my room is starting to look a bit like this, and when I live in a tiny dorm room, there's only so much space to shove yarn. I have it packed into my closet, my drawers, my desk, under my bed, and even in my book bag (because god knows I don't actually use it for books!). I have yarn flowing out from every where.

So my friends, it is time. I am going to take part in the most dreaded of all words...DIET. Yes, I am going on a yarn diet. I vow to not buy any more yarn until I've used at LEAST half of my stash. I can't afford to keep buying bags and bags of yarn. I need to seriously stash bust. So now I'm asking you guys: what are some great stash busting ideas you have? I'll use my yarn for anything! I have a huge variety, and tons of colors. I was thinking of making some scarves, but I get soooo bored of plain garter stitch scarves after awhile, yanno?! Maybe a blanket? I don't know!

So gimme your ideas everyone!

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  1. oh good golly, i wouldnt wish that on anyone lol