Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Annis Shawl is DONE!

Okay, so I haven't had that much spare time to knit while being in Germany. Well, that's actually a lie...I've had spare time, but I spend that time exploring the city instead of knitting! But, I finally finished my project that I've been working on, the Annis Shawl from the spring/summer Knitty (2010) by Susanna IC. I actually bought another one of her shawl patterns when the Ravelry was having their Haiti fundraiser, but I ended up frogging that one a bunch of times (always ended up with like 6 extra stitches at the end of the row, harumph!). Any who...I really enjoyed knitting this. The nupps were difficult at best, but I'm glad I did them to learn a new technique and to try something different. I think I might make another in purple for my step-mom for her birthday (in December) with beads instead of nupps (although I'll have to learn beading first!). I bought this lovely mohair/wool blend at this cute little yarn store here in Dresden. I LOVE the store because the owner remembers me every time I go and is nice enough to speak to me in English :]

Okay, prepare for a bunch of pictures because I'm really proud of this shawl! It's the first one I've done, and I really enjoyed Susanna's crescent-shaped construction of the shawl. The short rows made it interesting, but I could really tell how long it was until I had finished all the short rows. No, I haven't weaved the ends in yet (ugh, torture), and no it hasn't been blocked yet, but I couldn't wait to show it off! I love the blue and it'll go perfectly with my winter coat. The last picture is a diagonal scarf I'm whipping up really quickly for a friend that I'll be staying with in England for 6 days starting Saturday as a thank-you present for letting me crash her pad!

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